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Fager Martin Sweet Iron FL


Fager Martin Sweet Iron Front-lock!

If you would describe your horse as something with the following;
Hard to seek connection towards the bit
Falls constantly behind the bit
Sticking the tongue out/Chewing the bit frantically.
Martin, a double-jointed sweet iron bit with Front Lock system.

A  bit that offers great stability and comfort. While the horse is working the Front lock is there to help in any position your horse head is moving in. From low position (stretching out) or higher (over a jump), the closure works even if the reins will pull the bit upwards and making the bit turn downwards where regular lockup would fail. In that way, it is more forgiving against the unexpected movements of your hands.

Martin is also great for youngsters - Lays still inside the mouth and doesn’t take up much space.
Are you looking for a kind bit and have a sensitive horse, this bit is worth trying. Perfect to have between other bits for communication work as well. 

Competition Approved!



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